About Swiftek


Over 25 years of Computer Service experience means that Swiftek can handle all types of computer repairs, upgrades, new builds and setup issues. We've seen it all, and know how to fix it, guaranteed.

18 years of Web Design and Programming has given Swiftek the experience and skill to build web sites of any size, for any purpose, on any budget.


Since 1993, Swiftek has been building a community-based, family business here in Pinellas County.

We now have hundreds of loyal clients who know they will never over-pay, get blinded by geek-speak, or lose their data to some careless mistake.

At Swiftek, we take our responsibilities very seriously, and never stop working to earn your trust.


With low overhead and a relaxed business model, Swiftek can charge less than most shops, with far better results.

If you're not made of money, we can work with you and make arrangements for payments, reduce our fees, or maybe even do the work for free! Why? Because we're your neighbors, and we know you'll be back.

The Company:

Swiftek was founded in 1993 by Erickson Swift and is located in Largo, Florida, serving Pinellas County, Tampa Bay and beyond. The business is licensed with The City Of Largo and registered with the Florida Deptartment of State Division of Corporations as Swiftek, Lc..

Swiftek is a service provider only and does not sell materials or goods. Prices are labor only.

®: Swiftek is a registered trademark of Erickson Swift.

The Founder:

The hybrid of a "square" computer engineer and a "hippy" tech-writer, Swiftek founder Erickson Swift once contracted for large corporations including America Online and others. Now, he prefers to work directly with end-users to make their experiences more enjoyable and productive. He is passionate and driven by a belief that technology can make life better.

The Philosophy:

In business, we don't pretend that we're not out to make money, but we have found success in building a loyal customer base through trust, rather than squeezing every penny from every project. A relaxed business model with low overhead eliminates any pressure to increase your bill or rush the job. Returning clients bring new referrals resulting in steady business with zero advertising cost. It's pretty simple, really.

In society, we believe that technological progress has the power to evolve and enlighten mankind, and that the pursuit and perfection of science is humanity's highest calling as well as the only key to our future.

The Mission:

Our ultimate goal is two-fold. (1) Bring high technology to the masses in ways that maximize our work, fun, creativity and community, and (2) advocate for the consumer through technical education and techno-social activism.

Powerful Knowledge (The Truth Is Out There)

Most people know that you can't trust advertisers, but what they don't know is the extent to which we are being misled. The technology boom has brought some really cool stuff into our lives, from email to pocket PCs, but how much do we really know about the technologies we use everyday? Manufacturers and service providers don't have much to gain by giving us the facts, so they don't. Much of what we hear is hype and false advertising designed to keep us ignorant and dependent on one particular brand. One of our goals is to reverse this trend and give the power back to the consumers in the form of practical understanding.

Like any self respecting Nerds, we are constantly working with and researching these technologies. What separates us from the rest of the herd is that we truly enjoy sharing our knowledge and do so freely. We think it's unethical to withhold information for profit.

Most users tend to feel intimidated by technology and may fear that it would take too much time and effort to understand, or even that it's beyond them. If this is you, we'll bet you 4 hours of tutoring that anyone can learn if they wish. For users that "just want the thing to work", we are happy to do just that. For those who enjoy technology and wish to learn more, we offer low-stress training at every experience level.

Independence Declaration (Open Standards Matter)

We believe that any effort to make consumers dependent on any proprietary product, service or standard is unethical, bad for business and a barrier to innovation. We recommend and support Open Standards and Open Source products and systems that are free, flexible and interchangeable. We encourage and help our clients to break away from proprietary systems and methods to guarantee sustainability and cost-effectiveness far into the future.

Contact us to learn more about free open source software and other free solutions for home and business, and let us show you how to keep Microsoft and others off your expense sheet forever without giving up a thing.

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