Our Promise To You:

We will never surprise you with unexpected charges, nor do anything without your approval. Your total satisfaction is our goal. If you're not happy with our service, we will fix it or you don't pay.  Simple.

Our current rates:

Why Levels instead of hours?

We've learned that a repair is only worth what you get out of it and not how long it took to accomplish.

Our price levels are based on typical problems folks have compared to the results we're able to provide.  This means that you will know ahead of time what your service will cost and you only pay for successful results.

Rate Matrix

This is a guide to how we compute our fees. It is designed to help you understand what your service might cost. We always tell you where on this matrix your issue lies.



Includes case vac-out and fan check.

Windows / Sys

Vista, 7, 8, 10; Home / Pro, even Linux.


The "Bullet-Proof PC" includes free software.


We are happy to give a quote for any task.


Repairs & upgrades; except C: drives, motherboards & cases. Simple Windows, application or driver repair. Quick-Check or new system setup w/ Bullet-Proofing. Simple Webs, Email / I-Net / Router / Wireless Setup, Tutoring hours.


C: Drives, motherboards, cases, difficult diagnoses w/ Bullet-Proofing. Delete entire system, restore to factory state w/ Bullet-Proofing. NO DATA SAVED. Bullet-Proofing potentially infected system, saving all data. Custom Webs, Graphics, Net Sharing / Printing, special tasks.


PC assembly designed by us, w/ Windows & Bullet-Proofing. In-place repair of Windows & apps, saving all data w/ Bullet-Proofing. Bullet-Proofing badly infected system, saving all data. Complete Web Setup, w/ Domain, Hosting, Email, Software & SEO.


PC assembly designed by Client, w/ Windows & Bullet-Proofing. Complete recovery w/ Windows, saving data and Bullet-Proofing. No Level-3 for Security, see "Level-1 Windows/Sys". Complete Web Setup plus Custom and/or Complex Design.

All services are guaranteed for a minimum of 90 days.

If your computer is older than 5 years and needs more than Level 3, it may be time to consider an upgrade. Swiftek can design and build your Custom PC for less than a name brand w/ better results.

We have lots of FREE used parts and plenty of tricks up our sleeves.

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